"Tube Light" hanging in a Rope?

Hello. I need help/understanding on how to set up my "scene" & models + how to place the glow correctly.

  • I want to have a tube light/fluorescent light hanging in the roof via something that looks like a rope or a wire. As in reality, I want only the "middle part" of that light glowing. Also I want the tube to have an mesh collider that bounces on my FPS controller.

I have been playing with the new "interactive cloth" physic that seems pretty cool for this project but don't exactly know how it works convert a cylinder-alike model to a cloth material.

My plan (and the questions):

  1. I make a thin cylinder in 3dsmax, representing my "electrical wire". I apply some cloth physic (I don't know if this is the best solution or how to do it) to make it "loose". <-- Help
  2. Then I make the tube, since I don't know how to just make only a part of a model glowing, I thought it would be easier to split up the middle section & the other up and then parent them together. Later in Unity, I also add the glow and the mesh collider to the object.
  3. Attaching the wire to the roof (Just make a part of the wire to through the roof?)
  4. Attaching the lower part of the wire to the tube model (This I have no idea about!)
  5. Done, maybe parent a point light to the tube, add some light fliker script to the glow, should not be to hard.

Should I do as in my plan or change something that could be done easier?

Thanks for every answer!

--Here is what I have in mind, explained in the picture.

alt text

--This is the light that I am thinking about moddeling. alt text

--It is irrelevant, but at the moment, I have my room that looks something like this, but with textures. alt text

You could try using joints for the wire. Will Goldstone has a video on youtube about something similar. chain from joints