Turn and Move Foward 1 Unit relative to Objects local direction


How can I modify this section of my script so my game object moves foward 1 unit relative to its rotation angle?

In this part of the script my object suppose to turn right and move forward 1 unit base on trigger events.

Every “right turn” will be relative to the game object’s new position/direction from any previous right turn. So every trigger will set off an additional 90 degree turn from the last rotation.

Instead my object turns right and my object does not move foward in the Objects local direction but in the direction of the newVector 3(1,0,0) which is from what I understand always a constant World direction no matter which way your game object is facing.

// Turn to the right

			localEulerAngle = new Vector3();
			localEulerAngle.y = 90;
			thisTransform.eulerAngles = localEulerAngle;
			// Set the new target position to move to
			targetPosition = thisTransform.position + new Vector3(1, 0, 0);

			// Make sure the player lands on the grid 
			targetPosition.x = Mathf.Round(targetPosition.x);
			targetPosition.z = Mathf.Round(targetPosition.z);

Thanks in Advance.

Here is something I tested.

// This will rotate the object to the right 1 degree. If you want it to rotate so that it faces right you would use 90 where the 1 is at. to turn it left put a - in front for minus.

this.transform.Rotate(new Vector3(0,1,0));

// This will move the object forward which is by default its Z axis.

this.transform.position = this.transform.position + (transform.forward + new Vector3(0,0,1));

If you put both of these together in the void Update () method you will see the cube go forward as it turns to the right. This code will move your object how you are wanting. But you will have to figure out what logic calls this movement.