Turn Based Multiplayer

Hello all,

I have to do MultiPlayer Game for ios and android.

I have to follow the Procedure:-
First i have to Login to Facebook then Get the Friends List and send invitation for the Game to download the Game from the store. If that user download the Game then User have to be shown into my Game and i can play the Game with that user that will be turn based Multiplayer

From the above part i have done with Login to Facebook, Get friends list and send invitation to the user by using Facebook Unity sdk. But i am stuck for the next part that how i can get that user into my Game to play with that user.
What approach i should use for the next part that is
How i can get that user into my Game and how i will implement the Multiplayer Functionality

Please let me know if anyone knows.

Thanks in Advance.


exitgames have release a public beta version of their Photon Turnbased Network or you will need to use the Unity build-in network solution which mean RPC and State Synchronization.

If you decide to choose the photon solution, there is plenty docs on their site to get you started.

As for the Unity build-in network, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to implement either. Use the Master Server to define a host and connect the others players to this host. Then use RPC to send the command that the player took during his turn.