Turn Based Online Multiplayer help

Hey I know this is a very drawn out subject on here but I am really having a tough time narrowing down information. Everything I come accross is realtime multiplayer and FPS I know something turned based should be a little simpler.

Anyways I am starting development on a game I would like to include online multiplayer and would like to make sure I know what I am getting into before getting too far into development.

I know I would need a server to handle calling back and forth but all I read about is building one, there servers you can rent too right?

Also during testing is it possible to run a small server off my computer to test with my team.

Thank you in advance for an insight on this area I know it is a pretty broad complex one.

I answered my own question I will use this demonstration for now Unity 3d Multiplayer Tutorial - Space Sim - Part 1/2 - YouTube

if anyone else had he same questions.