Turn Based "With Friends" Multiplayer

I was wondering if anyone had any solutions for implementing a “With Friends” style multiplayer system. So one person takes their turn, the other person get notified that it’s their turn and they can either play right away or the next day or whenever. This goes back and forth at the players’ own pace.

I really want to code the most minimal amount I can for this so if there is a service or item in the Asset store that handles a majority of the heavy lifting, that would be preferable.

I have a rough idea of:

  1. Saving Turn Info to File (JSON, XML, etc)
  2. Send file to server
  3. Server notifies other player (and maybe keeps track of score… or maybe it stays in the save file)
  4. Other player downloads saved file for “playback”
  5. Other player takes turn and repeats

The only thing I can find tons of info and seems mostly easy via Assets on is Step 1 but I can only find vague information on how to manually code the rest of the server related steps. It seems all the multiplayer information is regarding live data streams rather than storing a small file to send back and forth.

Anyone know of any ideas for this?

Hey I understand you are asking this in a unity forum, but to be honest this sounds like this entire project would be better off with PHP / MySQL / Javascript.
The only real benefit to doing this in unity would be 3D assets but everything else that you are saying screams browser based game.

This entire system you are asking can be easily and quickly done as a web application, and be more portable. Basically what you are saying describes a web app… This is exactly what it was made to do…
I don’t know if that is what you wanted to hear but that’s my advice.