Turn Currently Held Button To A KeyCode(C#)

Hello Again Unity Answers! Im Back Yet Again For Another Question That IM SUre You Already Know(If You Read The Title), Here It Goes-

I Was Wondering If There Was A Way To Turn Any Currently Held Button Into A KeyCode. I Have Seen Ways To Turn Some Keys Into KeyCodes And That Is lIke This

void OnGUI() {

		 Event e = Event.current;
        if(e.isKey) {

Yet That Only Returns Some Characters Which Dont Include Shift, CapsLock, Mouse Buttons And Possibly Others Im Unaware Of. I Want To Be Able To Turn Any Key Thats Pressed Down At All To Turn Into A KeyCode. If You Are Wondering, This Will Be Used For Custom Control Setup In My Game. My Last Idea Which as To Turn A Button To A String To Use With GetKeyDown Did Not Work, And This Is My New Idea. Thanks For Any Help Given!

A) Please Don’t Type In Mixed Case.

B) If you want to know whether a modifier key (such as shift etc) is being held along with the key in question, e.Modifiers will tell you.

If I recall how modifiers works correctly, testing for shift is like:

if(e.modifiers && EventModifiers.Shift) { /*Shift was also pressed with this button*/ }

C) Pressing shift, etc should also have their own code.

D) More appropriate however, would be the use of Input.GetKeyDown