Turn off the completion banner for the Achievement in gamecenter prime31


I’m having an issue with the gamecenter plugin from prime31.
I’m trying to save the achievements done while offline (not connected on internet but logged in GC) and re-sent them next time online.

I think my system works (bools saved into an xml). I’m using a function called AchievementsChecker that uses this sort of system to resent the achievements done:
if(achievement done){
my problem with that is, that for each of these achievements reported I get the completion banner displayed. Obviously if the user played a lot offline, you get a lot of completion banner in a row, and I don’t want that.
So how can I switch off that completion banner ??? All I want is to turn off the showCompletionBannerForAchievements at the start of my AchievementChecker and turn it back on at the end.
Not using the showCompletionBannerForAchievements before this AchievementChecker function isn’t a solution, because if you get access to internet while you are playing, I want the user to have this completion banner while he’s playing (and complete an achievement).
Any idea on that ??

I’m having the same problem, has anyone come up with a solution for this?