TurnChanged is not fired always.

I am developing a turn based game as suggested in the examples, but the problem is that after a few turns I am not receiving TurnChanged event anymore and if I manually request the data with TurnBasedMatchesController.LoadAllMyMatches() I get the old match data but then if I open the MatchMaker to see all the matches or start a new one it says that it is current players turn although the TurnChanged event was never fired if I select it I receive correct updated data when TurnChanged is fired. Is it a bug or I am doing something wrong?

Hi, we have seen this problem a few times before, but we thought it was something wrong with the Game Center Sandbox servers at the time. We tried again after a while, and it worked. However, if that is not the case for you, we have a few questions for you to help us identify the problem.

Do you see the same happening with our AdLib example? Are you using two sandbox test users on two separate devices? Do you have intermittent wireless connection problems? Can you post some code on how you are using TurnBasedMatchesController and related classes?


Edit: We have found others experiencing the same thing with native code. ios - handleTurnEventForMatch:didBecomeActive: callbacks only arriving some of the time - Stack Overflow We don’t think the answer there works, but we can put that in our high-level API if it turns out it’s not Game Center server error for you.