Turned off Colliders, still colliding

Hi all really new to Unity and so I’m a little confused on some aspects here.

I’m making a pool style game for smart phones, and the idea is that you would just drag on the ball and it would pull back a graphical UI model in the shape of a ball and arrow under your thumb and that would pivot around the ball to show where you are hitting.

I’ve turned off the colliders on the plane textures that are the GUI arrows and for some reason they are not going through the pool table walls. Instead they are colliding with them and at the moment I can’t make a shot off a cue ball that is banked against a rail.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?


It sounds like you’re drawing your GUI in the scene, but perhaps you shouldn’t be. Use a second camera, set it to the Clear Flags to Don’t Clear, Projection to Orthographic, and the Far Clip Plane to 10.

Now, either position your second camera at (0,10,0) and draw your GUI elements in this area, or child all of your GUI stuff to your GUI camera and move it out of the way of your scene objects. Either way, you’ll be moving things around outside of the space of your main game objects.

This is just a couple hints, and it does take some time to setup, but once you get it working you’ll be glad you did.

TL;DR Put your GUI stuff somewhere else in the scene and use a second camera to render it.