Turning VR Support on & off in real time

Hi everybody,

I’m currently developping a VR application that has both a VR mode and a regular menu mode. The idea behind this is that the user can use it as a regular app until the moment VR is necessary.

I’ve tried combining both by turning on and off the vr support in the player settings, but the changes don’t seem to hold when done in run time.

My question is this; is there a way to turn on/off VR support while the app is running? Or on the flipside is there a way to stop the camera from reacting to the headset movement until the time is right (this would allow me to have a fixed menu in front of the camera).

Any idea is welcome. In advance, thank you.

not sure VRSetting.enabled work or not, maybe can try with that

Scripting Reference: VRSetting.enabled