tutorial about RPG

can anyone offer me some tutorial about RPG game? it is better if there are all parts for RPG game, like dialogue,fighting system.

Well...I know a series of video tutorials on how to make a 3rd Person Shooter if that helps. With those basics and a few minor tweaks you should be able to construct a RPG (Just add items and health etc....)

By the Way: This tutorial is made by the Tornado Twins. And There are 20+ videos on how to make a professional Unity game.

Hope This Helps! :)

FPS Tutorial (#1) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-X-Ebh1kYA

There is a basic one at unity3d.com in the tutorial section.

The Tornado Twins’ videos are MUST WATCH resources, but the following may help as well:

InsurgentX Advanced Unity 3DTutorialt

It is focused on a Final Fantasy-style Sci-Fi RPG (turn based). Very well done.