Tutorial for unity 2.x has issues with unity 3.x I'm new, help!

Hello! I an new to Unity. I downloaded the PDF for the Lerpz Escape tutorial, and the game files.

The first step is to "Open the project up and view the Scenes -> TheGame Scene". I dragged the assets folder into Project panel (Didn't find any other Unity save or anything in the download) and navigated to the "Scenes" folder, and dragged / double clicked the "TheGame" scene.

All I see are a bunch of light icons in the Scene view. As I read through the tutorial is appears it was written awhile ago for Unity 2, but I have the latest 3.3 (I think). I just assume this is the issue, things are probably a bit differently in the newer version.

Can some one point me in the right direction / an updated tutorial?


You should still be able to follow along reasonably well... Download the project from the site and save it somewhere.

To "create" the project in Unity you should open Unity and: File > New Project

Select the Open Project Tab

Click the "Open Other..." Button

Navigate to the folder where you saved the Lerpz Project Folder

You should be able to hit Open and the project will be opened in Unity

Alternatively you may just be zoomed out too far to see the scene! Use the middle mouse button to zoom in. If you hold Shift you'll zoom faster.