Tutorials Not Working

I am a new user to Unity and downloaded Unity version 2020.1.6f1.

I am following along with the "Beginner In-Editor Tutorials" video at learn.unity.com.

I loaded the template for "karting", but the tutorials do not appear. If I use the menu item Tutorials>>>Show Tutorials, the template quickly reloads, but the tutorial still does not appear.

The only other information that I can provide is that the status bar reads "Failed to load from "Temp/InitialLayout.wit"

In the discussions attached to this video, others have reported the same problem (but apparently nobody ever responds to those discussions).

How can I get the tutorials working?

Thank You.


I also am having this issue. I submitted a report via the editor.

For me, this is happening with the kart microgame, and like the OP, when I click Tutorials > Show Tutorials, the tutorials do not appear.

However, they are there. If you click on the upper right-hand corner of where the tutorial window should be, you should see the dropdown appear from the three vertical dot dropdown button.

Screenshot is attached.

EDIT: I am using 2019.4.11f

EDIT2: For the sake of the OP, if you go into Project directory window and search for tutorials, there is a folder for each Tutorial and a file for each "step" in the tutorial. When you click on them, you'll see it come up in the inspector window, and from there you can just read the text that is on each step

6379548--710673--Screen Shot 2020-10-03 at 4.56.00 PM.png