Tutorials or help with unity for android phones.

Hey guys thanks for your help in advance.
I am looking for some good resource material to teach me how to code javascript for the android phones.
I have found a few tuts on what I need but there is compile errors, because its not for the android.
Like how I have to express ‘var’ and such. I am looking for a good book or video on the differences between Javascript coding and javascript for the android coding.
Thanks have a good day.

The scripting for android and ios are the same, so you can just look at some of the iOS tutorials




Also, from the manual:

How Unity Android Differs from Desktop

Strongly Typed JavaScript For
performance reasons, dynamic typing in
JavaScript is always turned off in
Unity Android, as if #pragma strict
were applied automatically to all
scripts. This is important to know if
you start with a project originally
developed for the desktop platforms
since you may find you get unexpected
compile errors when switching to
Android; dynamic typing is the first
thing to investigate. These errors are
usually easy to fix if you make sure
all variables are explicitly typed or
use type inference on initialization.

ETC as Recommended Texture Compression
Although Unity Android does support
DXT/PVRTC/ATC textures, Unity will
decompress the textures into RGB(A)
format at runtime if those compression
methods are not supported by the
particular device in use. This could
have an impact on the GPU rendering
speed and it is recommended to use the
ETC format instead. ETC is the de
facto standard compression format on
Android, and should be supported on
all post 2.0 devices. However, ETC
does not support an alpha channel and
RGBA 16-bit will sometimes be the best
trade-off between size, quality and
rendering speed where alpha is

It is also possible to create separate
android distribution archives (.apk)
for each of the DXT/PVRTC/ATC formats,
and let the Android Market’s filtering
system select the correct archives for
different devices (see Publishing
Builds for Android).

Movie Playback Movie textures are not
supported on Android, but a
full-screen streaming playback is
provided via scripting functions. To
learn about supported file formats and
scripting API, consult the movie page
or the Android supported media formats

Hope it helps!