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I'm wondering how many people here use Twitter? I've had an account for a while, but just started to use it more regularly.

I have to admit I'm still figuring out how it could be used best, but it already seems to be a nice way to learn about random things that happen and I even (re)connected with a few people because of it.

So anyway, I'm attilam, feel free to add me :)


I just can't get myself to use it. One more thing to be a bit obsessive about. ;)


I have an account but didn’t use it very much (forgot I had one actually :sweat_smile: )
I’ll try to use it more often now (and will talk in English in stead of Dutch now :stuck_out_tongue: )

My Twitter page

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I've had one for a while, but I don't seem to have much use for it. I try and stay active, but I find most of my updates would usually consist of "Working..." and then later in the day "Still working..." :?

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I use Twitterific, which makes it much more like AIM... without the "instant" or "AOL" parts. :smile:


I use it as I have a few friends that are regular and keep me posted about their activity. I think Plurk is cooler but not so easy to update.

I use netvibes interface online to update and now twitterific on iPhone.

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Maybe is an easy tool to organize your social networks…

Current beta code: thispingsforyou

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I'm, but since I'm not currently working for Unity Technologies, if I manage to post anything it will probably not be much Unity-related.

p.s.Thanks for that link, thomas

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Oh wow! looks awesome! Thanks, Thomas!

I’d love to try it in action, but Twitter seems to be “over capacity” again…

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thanks for the thing. pretty usefull :)

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We're twittering about our new project here: . The Blurst account follows individual Flashbang guys if you'd like to know more (sometimes on topic, sometimes what we ate or whatever).

We have the Unity Asset Server and our Subversion repositories all linked in to the Blurst twitter account, too.

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Just to revive this topic, a friend of mine got me on this dang thing today. So now I guess I have to start twittering, tweeting... bah :p

Might as well add myself here-

I mainly talk about my life as a student, 3d artist, and Unity fanatic :P

I'd love to follow more Unity users on Twitter.
My page is


I use it nearly every day, and sometimes quite extensively. I don't tweet much about Unity though... guess i should start doing that :)

You can find me at:

And - WUHU First post on forum done....

Hey, cool ... I haven't tweeted for a couple of days but it's great to the have some of the community in there! I tweet about this'n'that (from "just went for a walk" to "working on Level XY right now" to "some random thoughts").

Congratulations ... and welcome!!!

I've recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, but it's only of interest if you'd like seeing someone vent their frustrations at converting a PS3 game to iPhone using Unity, whilst living on a small Greek island....

I'm occasionally using it as well:

from time to time putting some news on it as well: