Two active Scenes?

I’m making a game where the player can switch between planet view and solar system view (kind of like SimEarth and Populus/Black and White). How exactly would I go about accomplishing this? Can I have my tribe continue on as normal when I’m off planet. Also, if I hurl asteroids at the planet in space, can I have it alter the planet once I go back into Planet View? Not sure if it’s possible or not. I would think that I can do this, because of games like Fallout where the player leaves the open world to go into a building, and when he exits again, everything was as they left it.

right, it’s common to have a scene where you have “two stages” if you will, and just swap between the cameras.

let me explain - imagine a boxing game, so you have the boxers, ring etc.

now “off to the side” – like you can see it in your unity editor! – there is a whole other reality. perhaps, it could be some system of machines doing something, whatever.

for some reason in the game, you SWAP BETWEEN those two totally different “happenings” – but actually it’s indeed the SAME UNITY “SCENE”.

I was actually just working on a scene that as a “diagramattic view” of something, and a “typical 3D view”. in the user’s interface it swaps between the two you know? but actually it’s really funny if you see it in the editor, it’s like these two totally separate realities sitting side by side

it is also common to have “another ‘scene’ " inside your scene, to use for things like on-screen controls and so on. sometimes the “map” in the corner is a whole other ‘stage’ playing out which sits off to one side of the actual racegame or whatever it is. (in this case TBC both cameras are shown at the same time to the user - you are talking about CHANGING CAMERAS so that the user sees two different ‘scenes’ even though it’s actually the same 'Unity Scene” )

note that some really complicated and subtle rigs are done like this,

OR … be aware that often you can actually swap, pretty quickly, between “unity scenes”

particularly if you’re a smart arse about assets that don’t get reloaded between scenes, etc. (look in to that technology)

i encourage you to do some test on how fast you can swap unity scenes, if you use dont destroy on load judiciously (which is fiddly, though)