Two Animations on one button at different times.

I am making Bloodborne styled weapons. I can not figure out how to get two clips to play at different times with the same button. In bloodborne, you hit L1 to get your weapon to change from form 1, to form 2. You do it again to go from form 2 to form 1.

One clip is named “retract”
The other is “extend” Anybody have an idea on how to do this in C#?
Using Unity 5.

Make a Boolean checking for if the weapon is in extended or retracted form. For instace:

bool weaponTransformed = false;

Then, make a function to transform the weapon, and check for the boolean.

    void Transfrom(){
    		if (weaponTransformed = true) {
    			animator.Play ("Transform1");
    		} else {
    			animator.Play ("Transform2");

Just toss that in your void Update () and you’re good to go!