Two Asset Store Question

Before buying I have two question I want to ask.

Question 1 - How many time can you use a asset. Is it only for 1 game? and if you want to make a new game you would you need to re buy the asset? (I’m talking about a game you selling not just making for fun, because I know you can keep reloading the asset in a new file.)

Question 2 - And what do (This extension requires one license per seat) Mean?

Plz help.

For most assets you download from the Unity Asset Store, you can use them as much as you want for whatever purpose. You can also modify them as you need.

If assets have any restrictions, they should be mentioned in the description, like the one from your second question. A ‘seat’ refers to a user of the item. ‘One license per seat’ means you need to buy a copy for every person that will be using it.

This only applies to the Unity Asset Store. Other websites may have different allowances, so always make sure to check that site’s policy pages.

thank you for the help.