Two assets using the same namespace..what to do?


I downloaded some assets in the Asset Store:

  • a city

  • a character

The problem is that each of them have a “CameraController.cs” script using the same namespace, I guess. Here is the error I get:

Assets/ZRNAssets/005339_08932_25_14/Scripts/CameraController.cs(5,14): error CS0519: `CameraController' clashes with a predefined namespace

I wonder if I should do anything like changing a script title, and modifying a namespace… As I don’t know much yet about the awesome C# language, I definitely don’t know what to do.

What do you think would be the best thing to do to get that error vanish?

take a look where they are used, i guess they are both affecting camera and that they will probably have similar functionality i also guess they are just for the demonstration purposes only so you won’t probably need them

if i am right so in this case (city vs character) i would delete the one in city, because the one in character scene will probably follow the character while the one in city scene will allow you watch the city

you can also refactor them to CameraControllerCharacter / CameraControllerCity and reattach them to the gameobjects (probably camera) they were attached before

edit: sure you can mess with namespaces but i wouldn’t bother as they are probably just for demo (at least the city)