two balls going different speed

I have a scene with two balls and they are both supposed to go the same speed.
But when i play the scene the first created ball goes faster, they use the same script.
And also i have two floors but everytime i play the game the ball bounces of the floor after a few blocks.
please help me.

this is for the ball movement

if (Input.touchCount > 0)
// Store the first touch detected.
Touch touch = Input.touches[0];
// Uncomment to use left and right movement
//horizontalSpeed = CalculateMovement(touch.position);

		if(horizMovement == MobileHorizMovement.ScreenTouch)
			horizontalSpeed = CalculateMovement(touch.position);


	var movementForce = new Vector3(horizontalSpeed, 0, rollSpeed);
	// Time.deltaTime is the amount of time since the // last frame (approx. 1/60seconds) 
	movementForce *= (Time.deltaTime * 60);
	// Apply our auto-moving and movement forces rb.AddForce(movementForce);
	rb.AddForce(horizontalSpeed, 0, rollSpeed);

/// <summary>
/// Will figure out where to move the player horizontally
/// </summary>
/// <param name="pixelPos">The position the player has
/// touched/clicked on</param>
/// <returns>The direction to move in the x axis</returns>
float CalculateMovement(Vector3 pixelPos)
	// Converts to a 0 to 1 scale
	var worldPos = Camera.main.ScreenToViewportPoint(pixelPos);
	float xMove = 0;
	// If we press the right side of the screen
	if (worldPos.x < 0.5f)
		xMove = -1;
		// Otherwise we're on the left
		xMove = 1;
	// replace horizontalSpeed with our own value
	return xMove * dodgeSpeed;

Did you check that you didn’t change the speed in editor?
If they have the same scripts, maybe you change the value of the speed from editor and that’s why they move at different speeds.