Two Bone IK not working in 2020.2.1f1

I am trying to implement Two Bone IK on the right arm of the ‘Robot Kyle’ free asset model in the Unity Store, but after I set everything up and press play, when I move the ‘Target’ the hand does not move at all. I’ve tried this in 2019 Unity and it works, so something about this being 2020.2.1f1 is causing it to break.

Here are the steps that I take:

  1. Spawn Robot Kyle Model
  2. Add a ‘Bone Renderer’ to it.
  3. Fill ‘Bone Renderer:Transform’ with skeletal contents of ‘Root’ inside model.
  4. Add a ‘Rig Builder’ component to model.
  5. Create empty game object as a child of the model called ‘Rig’ and add ‘Rig’ component to it.
  6. Drag ‘Rig’ into the ‘Rig Layer’ variable on the ‘Rig Builder’ component of model.
  7. Create empty game object as child of ‘Rig’ called ‘RightArmIK’. Give it component of Two Bone IK.
  8. Fill RightArmIK’s ‘Root:Mid:Tip’ with corresponding arm bones in Root.
  9. Create empty game object as child of ‘RightArmIK’ called ‘Target’. Drag it into Target variable in RightArmIK
  10. Press play. Move Target. Hand does not follow.

This is not working in latest 2022.1.19f1 official version… Oh my, UT just breaks everything :smiley: :D: D