two camera question

Ive made a tank game and have one tank as the player with a camera attached and a german tank as a path orientated object they are pretty far apart on the map but when i switch cameras to the one attached to the german tank i still hear the player tank sounds i set the parimeters pretty low on the main tank but i can still hear it when camera two is active. i tried shutting off the listner on camera two but this didnt help.
player tank has sound and enemy tank dosent but i want to add someso when you change camera you can hear the enemies tank noise

var camera1 : Camera; var camera2 : Camera;

function Start () { camera1.enabled = true; camera2.enabled = false; }

function Update () { if (Input.GetKeyDown (“2”)){ camera1.enabled = false; camera2.enabled = true; } if (Input.GetKeyDown (“1”)){ camera1.enabled = true; camera2.enabled = false; }

this is the script but i dont see anything wrong anybody got any ideas/ I would apreciate it



First of all, you should only have one listener active at a time in the whole scene.

Secondly, your sound must be 3D (checkbox in the AudioClip component).

Third, you can set the distance falloff in the AudioSource component.