Two even colliders causing bounce at transition

I am working on a marble game, but have come across a problem, similar to this post:
Ensuring smooth transition over two box colliders (with diagram!) … The answer that solved his particular problem doesn’t work for mine however.

When my spinning ball crosses two even box colliders, it sometimes bounces up like it hit an edge. Because the ball can be moving very fast, this can result in bouncing high up off the ground, and needs to be fixed.

I realize why the problem occurs, unity physics not being perfect, and the normals of corner collision resulting in unwanted behavior. But I can’t think of a good solution to avoid bypass the issue (For instance, is there a way to check if the collider was a certain height above the other, and if so, no impulse is created on the ball?)

Figured it out, the problem was immediately fixed by going into the physics settings and increasing the Solver Iteration Count (I increased mine from 6 to 30). I guess that just increases the number of physics checks per second, worked wonders.

Hope it helps if anyone else has this problem :smiley: