two member teamwork : how can artist send material tweaks to coder for integration in project?

We're setting up a very simple teamwork process for one coder, one artist. - artist provides a 3D file (FBX) to coder - coder creates a unity project using that file and sends it to artist - artist will only modify materials for the FBX within the project (adding textures, selecting shaders and tweaking shader properties) - coder keeps developing the project, writing scripts - to merge, we just want the artist to send updated materials to coder to integrate

Question: is this feasible, and if so, which files does the artist need to send to the coder, and how can the coder integrate them in the project?

You can get the artist to put the character (or whatever) along with all dependencies into a unity package. Then the coder just needs to swap out the script attached the to model. Alternatively the artist can just send the 3D model and textures and materials and the coder has to change the models. Depending on which task is quicker. You can also use versioning and check out / check in system so that they can both work with the same project folder without interfering with each other but for a 2 person team it's a bit over blown.

In my projects I just do all the code and the artists send me models to integrate and I post web player versions of the game and they send me updated models or more graphics. It's not really complicated.

Certainly feasible, if not highly likely. This is similar to what I do now, and it works very efficiently.