Two Particle Systems

I’ve been trying to find an easy way to deal with fire and smoke particle systems in the same area. I saw a script that places the fire a little closer to the camera, but I cannot do that for my game. The fire is inside a closed area, so the smoke is everywhere. I’ve tried mixing and matching shaders, but only Particle/Additive on both systems doesn’t cause issues but then the smoke is too light. Anyone have any ideas or a shader that work make both work together? Also, the smoke is grey, not black. Thanks guys.

You could have the smoke spawning a little bit above the fire, but in a wide area. Also, using the particle animator, you can have the alpha value stay at zero for the first two colours, so that the particle is invisible for the first second or so.

As for the ability to see the fire through the smoke, you need to do something like turn zwrite off on the smoke shader, so that the particles shine right through it. I’m not quite sure how to do this, since it relies on things ‘passing through’ solid opaque materials.