two particlesystems - visibility problem


I’m using two particle systems. One particlesystem (a) is in front of the other particlesystem (b). But particles of (b) are rendered in front of particles of (a). I tried the following adjustments:

  1. changed the sorting fudge of (a) to -1; changed the sorting fudge of (b) to 1
  2. tried all available particle shaders
  3. added ZTest Gequal to the particle shader of (b) => nothing from (b) is rendered
  4. perform a raycast from particles of (b) towards the direction of the camera → lifetime=0 if ray hits something → but it seems particles don’t have a collider?

I should mention that there are some gaps in (a), therefore some particles of (b) should appear on the screen. But not all! :frowning:
Nothing of the approaches above works. Sadly I have no ideas anymore… maybe somebody can help me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Did you try playing with their sorting layer and sorting order?