Two Questions: 1 Importing Models, 2: Targetting Help


Unity crashes/hangs when attempting to load a large model, we have a character model that is 117MB, as .blend I’ve attempted to put it in the folder manually, but then it doesn’t have a model… It’s strange. I really need help with this… .I can’t import our models, I guess they are too large? I’ve tried at .FBX and .OBJ aswell


I would like the “Current” target to be red, not just set anything I click on to be red, if nyone can help with that.

	      		if (hit.transform.tag == "NPC"){
	        		target = hit.transform;

	void ApplyTarget(Transform theTarget) {
		  theTarget.renderer.material.color =;

1: Sounds like more of a scene than a model. If there are any single meshes with greater than 65k vertices that could be your issue; try splitting the model into sub-elements with less than 65k vertices in any one mesh.

2: As I understand it, you want only one red target selected at a time. To do that, you will need to keep track of the object currently selected so you can “unselect” it (set it back to Color.white or whatever it should be). Don’t forget to include a check that the object still exists (assuming the objects could be destroyed).