Two Script Fly Control Script Needed

Hello! I'm currently making a game where you simply just fly around the 3D space.(for now) After finishing the level design, a came to a road block when I didn't know how to write the script for the controls. All I'm doing is making a simple sphere flying through space. It has a rigidbody with no gravity so it may fly. I need a script that allows this game object to accelerate through space when I hold the left mouse button. This also includes the object slowing down when it's not held down(damping, I think it's called). At the same time, I need a script that makes the camera follow and orbit around the game object at a full 360 degrees, and to be able to change the variable for the speed of the 360 orbit. I guess you can say that I need a camera and flying script like Thatgamecompany's Flower. Thanks for your help!

Hello I am wondering if you found any solution ?