Two shaders for one model

**Is it possible to draw one shader on top of another? **

That both the first and second shaders will be visible and the second will be on top of another irrespective of coordinates.

Renderers can only use one shader per material.

If you want another effect on top of another, use another shader that supports both effects.

There is a way to do it, unless Unity has fixed it…
If you have a renderer with 1 material on it… make a second material, and add it to the renderer, you can put a completely different shader in that material. It will draw the same mesh twice, using both materials.
But it counts as 2 draw calls.
The up side… is you can combine any shaders…
The down side… it counts as extra draw call per material and breaks batching.

Or you make a shader with 2 (or more) passes in it.

Okey, I get it. Thanks to all)