Two Sided Shader Problems


I know there have been many questions about two sided shaders, so I apologize in advance if this question has been asked before but I have been searching the forums all day and have not found a solution.

I have a two sided shader (using the cull off method). My problem is that the back side appears semi transparent (the shader is a typical diffuse shader without any transparency). I have tried several different shaders that others have said work correctly but have yet to find one that works for me. I am currently using a normal diffuse shader with the culling off. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the back side not transparent?

Thank you for any input, and again, sorry if this question has been asked before.

Here it explains a similar problem: Unity - Manual: ShaderLab: commands

The “Transparent shader with depth writes” section.

(Adding “ZWrite On” to your shader may fix this.)