Two specific transform values instead of random int? Even distribution...

Hi community I am in need of a little assistance. I’m relatively new to JS (or any other language for that matter and have hit a snag. I have managed to cobble together a script for objects in my game that dictates what happens when they fall through the world or out of bounds or fall asleep. The problem I’m having is what I want is for the balls to spawn at 2 (or three or four depending on var) points in the level, but only 1 then the next and so forth. It’s to evenly distribute balls amongst the players. Seeing as I am not a scripting genius I can’t seem to figure it out without your help.



#pragma strict
var floorHeight = 0;
var spawnHeight = .03;
function Update ()
		if(transform.position.y < floorHeight) //if falls through floor transform to int up
			transform.position.y = spawnHeight;
		if(transform.position.y > .5) //above floor .5
			rigidbody.AddForce (0, -30, 0); // accelerate its speed down
   		if(rigidbody.IsSleeping()) //if at rest transform location to position
  			transform.position = Vector3(Random.Range(4, 7), 1.6, 6.7);
//This line of code is to add random movement to ball if sleeping
//   		if(rigidbody.IsSleeping())
//   		{
//   		rigidbody.velocity = Vector3(Random.Range(-5.0, 5.0), 0.01, Random.Range(-5.0, 5.0));
//    	}

You can make an array of spawn points and loop through those everytime you spawn an object.


var spawnPoints: Transform[]; //populate this with your spawn points
var currentIndex = 0;

function SpawnBall()
     if(spawnPoints.Length == 0)
     if(currentIndex >= spawnPoints.Length)
          currentIndex = 0;

     GameObject.Instantiate(ballPrefab, spawnPoints[currendIndex], Quaternion.identity);


Excuse my javascript, I always use c#, but it should atleast get you in the right direction