Two Touchscreens. Multi-input works fine on first display but not working on second screen.

So I have two Touch Tables set up side by side, meant to be used by multiple users at each table.
running on windows 10 with a GTX 970
using Unity 5.5.2

In unity I have a main camera which is set to Display 1 and a secondary Camera set to Display 2
each camera has it’s own UI element set to display to camera space

which ever monitor is set as the primary display in windows works fine and accepts multiple inputs at the same time,

the non-primary display will accept touch input but only 1 at a time

any ideas as to what is causing this difference?

It seems as if it must be a unity issue, I’ve tried switching the primary monitor and the touch issues flip with the monitor change.

any help would be greatly appreicated

We have this same problem in v2017.3.0f3

Since we need touch input on both screens simultaneously the main display workaround doesn’t work for us.

Giving this an update, we have had the same issue with 2017.2.0f3 as well, no biggie if you can work around it, just set the opposite screen to be the primary. However this could be an actual issue for anyone in the specific case of someone making an app using multiple multi-touch touch screens

@joshstiemsma @aaron_cowie_cruiser @Naethyn @dastaut

So we did eventually get this setup working.

The final Setup for the interactive was two 55" LCD TV’s each with their own ELO IR touch overlay

I ended up merging the two monitors into one virtual monitor using settings available in the Nvidia Control Panel (nvidia calls this feature “Surround Spanning”)

the resolution of the new merged monitor was 3840x1080

so I set the Unity Project resolution to match the monitor and made sure that all of the content would display correctly. Since Unity saw the two screens as just one big monitor it resolved any input problems we were having on the Unity Engine side.

Next we had to get the two IR overlays to work together. We contacted ELO and they had some more advanced touch configuration software that we were able to get from them (it’s available on their website) that allowed us to merge the two touch overlays in the same way we merged the two monitors.

This merging of the IR overlays was/is an “experimental” feature and it took us several days working with their driver team to get it working correctly for us. Our double table had eight stations so we were looking at potentially 80 touch points, the first version of the merging software could only handle a few simultaneous touches and it would glitch out or de-align if there were too many rapid touches. The ELO support team was fantastic though and helped us on the driver end get those issues sorted out.

If you are going for a multiple monitor setup with touch support I would recommend having one large Touch overlay covering the multiple monitors together for a simpler time. There are also Multi-monitor Touch systems with monitor spanning built in for capacitive touch monitors which would have been much less of a headache (but cost a bit more)

@mr_b Did you find a solution to multi display touch input?
We’re looking to do this with 4 or more touch monitors

Hey guys was this resolved? I’m looking to do the same thing and would love some insight into the issue

hi please could i get your email address or some kind of contact so that i may have a peronal chat as i am facing many challenges developing a 2d game and maybe you could help

kind regards