*txt file outside of unity


I am working on making it so people can host their own servers for my game, and so far this is working perfectly. I got the master server running on my end fetching theyr server info, so that people can log into the game, and from there log into different servers hosted by the community.

I am happy whit the way most of the system works, but there is one thing I would like to change!

I want the people to have the possebility to change a text file located in the “_data” file for the server client, and inside there it should be a folder named something like “ServerProperties”, and inside there the text file, where they can change arguments for stuff that the server needs.

Sadly, I have no idea how to get a text file from outside of the actually game where I make them myself inside Unity! I don’t know how to find the path to get it, since in my experiance the path is only working inside your own resources of the game!

I hope someone can help me out, and also understand what I am looking for here!

Best Regards,