Tycoon Game / Earning Some Cash While The Game Is Closed

Is there a way I can make my game keep earning “cash” even when the game is closed?

I’m making an offline tycoon-like game, something like Tiny Tower or Disco Zoo, where even if the game is closed, it’s still earning the player some coins.

I’ve tried googling and searching everywhere on UnityAnswers but still can’t find a definitive answer.


You can try something a little different. What if everytime the player opens the game the current datetime gets compared with the last datetime the player played the game and them apply some earning based on the difference between the two?

You could create the illusion that the game was still running. When the game is closed/killed, record a timestamp. When the application resumes, grab that timestamp and take the diff to determine how much cash they should be awarded.

This of course could be easily duped depending on the platform (setting the clocks forward manually). It’s a start though.