Type 'Object' does not support slicing - Vector2

Hi All

I am getting the above error, but have been unable to find a workable solution. Code only forms error on pragma strict. I understand that aPos.y and aPos.x have invalid values… but could someone help explain how to fix?

Many thanks!

function GetTile(aPos : Vector2){
	return levelArray[aPos.y][aPos.x];

Array indexing requires an integer paramater- think of it like this:

Imagine you have a list of items, from 0 to 9. If you want to get item 4, you look at


However, you can’t look at item 3.6, or item 7.2- how do you index a non-exact number?

The problem you are having is that the ‘x’ and ‘y’ values in a Vector2 are not limited to integers. They are both floating-point numbers, and so cannot be used to index an array.

So, just convert them first.


should give you what you want (assuming that ‘levelArray’ has been declared properly, which I’m not convinced is the case- the ‘object does not support slicing’ error sounds like you’re trying to index an object that isn’t any kind of list or array, but it could be a symptom of the above problem).