Typed component declaration returning null in iOS

OK, so I’ve spent the morning trying to work out why this works in Unity, but not in iOS. I realise iOS is typed, and looking at other examples the declaration I’m using is correct. When I run the code in iOS myController is null. Have I missed something?

	var myController : SidescrollControl = this.gameObject.GetComponent(SidescrollControl);
	if (myController.IsMoving())

Below is the output from xCode debug window:
(Filename: /Users/cnelson/Dropbox/Documents/2012/Unity/MobileTest02/Assets/Standard Assets (Mobile)/Scripts/PlatformerPlayerAnimation.js Line: 53)

NullReferenceException: A null value was found where an object instance was required.
at PlatformerPlayerAnimation.Update () [0x00025] in /Users/cnelson/Dropbox/Documents/2012/Unity/MobileTest02/Assets/Standard Assets (Mobile)/Scripts/PlatformerPlayerAnimation.js:61

Thanks in advance;)

If that’s actually the line being referenced by the error, then it’s null because there is no SidescrollControl component attached to that object. If you’re 100% sure there is such a component, then you likely accidentally attached the script to another object that doesn’t have that component.