TypeInferenceRuleAttribute on Resources.LoadAll?

Why does Resources class methods that return arrays of Objects aren’t marked with TypeInferenceRuleAttribute as it does for methods that return a single Object (e.g. Resources.Load)?

I just want to cast it like that:

MyComp[] comps = Resources.LoadAll (path, typeof (MyComp)) as MyComp[];
MyComp[] comps = (MyComp[])Resources.LoadAll (path, typeof (MyComp));

I’ve tried using TypeInferenceRule myself, writing a wrapper like:

[TypeInferenceRule (TypeInferenceRules.ArrayOfTypeReferencedByFirstArgument)]
static Object[] LoadAll (Type type, string path) {
    return Resources.LoadAll (string, type);

But no success. Still invalid cast operation.
For performance reasons, I prefer not to use Linq’s Cast<>.

Resources.LoadAll has an overload for generics, so that I can do:

Resources.LoadAll <MyComp> (path);