U3 - Bundled Audio Asset VS WWW Audio Assets

Unity 3.2.0f4, Windows 7 64.

In my game, I have all Audio events played directly to my Main Game Camera. So, theoretically, all sounds/music/effects will be played at full Volume (1.0f).

When I get my game to use WWW web streaming to load an Audio File (OGG Music), the volume is perfect, 100%.

But, when I make a Bundle containing this Audio Asset, and load it from the asset bundle, the audio volume seems to have been cut in half.

When I was in Unity 2.6 and did this similarly, there was no audio volume cut. Is this something new?

(I build my Asset Bundles from a special menu that loads all the files, then builds bundles from there.)

You probably checked the 3D option for the audio in your AssetBundle? and use 2D for the audio you load with WWW?. That would explain the difference in volume (as the 3D sound will be attenuated over distance from the listener, making it softer)