u3dxt causing failed validation

Apple just updated their submission process, and the u3dxt package is now causing validation to fail (hooray for apple!);

Your app contains non-public API usage.
The app references non-public selectors in Payload/[APPNAME].app/[APPNAME]:
acheievementDelegate:,composeViewDelegate:, gamecenterDelegate:,leaderboardDelegate:,setAchievementDelegate:,setComposeViewDelegate… and so on.

I am using unity 4.3.2f1, and I deleted the u3dxt data out of my project and reimported the latest via the asset store, just to be sure.
If I remove u3dxt from my project, I can pass validation.

Is there a fix coming? Or is there anything I can do to get by this?
I am using this package for Game Center integration, so removing those modules isn’t an option for me.

Edit: We have done some testing ourselves. This seems to be an Apple review problem. All of the APIs you mentioned are all public APIs. In the validation process, it says you can email appreview@apple.com and say they have incorrectly flagged those APIs. We have also heard people saying they are incorrectly flagging deprecated APIs. Since U3DXT includes all APIs, we also include the deprecated ones. If they complain about deprecated APIs, please tell them you are using a third party tool that has support for deprecated APIs. Hope they resolve this soon, and please let us know their response. Thanks.

Apple has changed things again. It now submits, but with warnings. I will let you know once it is either approved or rejected.