U3DXT: How to setup Achievement Banners

I am using the latest version of U3DXT with Unity 4.3.4f1, Xcode 5.1.1, and iOS 7, and I am having trouble getting banners to show up when achievements are unlocked in testing. I have verified that achievements are being reported successfully, and show up in Game Center using Sandbox.

I’ve heard this is a known issue, but I’m not 100% confident that it’s set up properly for when it’s in a production environment.

First: what’s the best way to set “showsCompletionBanner”? Is it along the lines of this?

GKAchievement achievement = new GKAchievement("com.company.game.achievementname");
achievement.showsCompletionBanner = true;

Second: Assuming that doesn’t work, I’ve tried to use OnAchievementReported, like this:

	void OnAchievementReported (object sender, EventArgs e) 
		if (CoreXT.IsDevice)
			GameKitXT.ShowBanner("Achievement Unlocked!", "Unknown");

As you can guess, I’d like to replace “Unknown” with the name of the achievement. But what variables are stored in “e”? Or is it possible that the sender is a GKAchievement object? If anyone can shed light on that information, or tell me the proper way to set showsCompletionBanner to true, I’d be in your debt.

Thank you.

Hi Ted,

Please take a look at Assets/U3DXT/Examples/gamekit7/GameKitBasics/. You can use GameKitXT.ReportAchievement() to report the achievements. And it should show the banner when it completes. However, if it does not for some reason, you can put a check just before calling ReportAchievement() for 100, and then show the banner there.