U3DXT Movie Playing Events

I am trying to determine if a movie is playing or more specifically it has finished playing.

At the moment I call MediaPlayerXT.PlayStreamingFullscreenMovie() which works perfectly. I was hoping there was an event somewhere that I could subscribe to, to know when the movie had finished playing?

Is this possible? I looked through the source of the high level api here and did consider (re)implementing the PlayStreamingFullScreenMovie() method so I could access the MPMoviePlayerViewController but after searching through the documentation for MPMoviePlayerViewController I could not find any events etc. I did find a IsViewLoaded() method that I was thinking I might be able to poll in a MonoBehaviour.Update() to determine if the video player is full screen as a stopgate to a better solution. Does this sound like it would work or is there something I am completely missing?

Long story short I just wanted to know when the video has finished playing so I can quickly do some work, fire off an analytics update etc.

Hi, The MPMoviePlayerController has some events you can subscribe to, like PlaybackStateDidChange. http://u3dxt.com/api/?topic=html/Events_T_U3DXT_iOS_Native_MediaPlayer_MPMoviePlayerController.htm

You can use it like this in the high-level source:

_playerVC.moviePlayer.PlaybackDidFinish += delegate(object sender, NSNotificationEventArgs e) {
	if (_playerVC.moviePlayer.playbackState == MPMoviePlaybackState.Stopped)