U3DXT Play local video file

I am not super familiar with iOS. Basically I need to play a local video that will bundled with the app. I bought the pro version of U3DXT as it looked like the best way to proceed. In the examples I sore the simple method PlayStreamingFullscreenMovie. I thought I might be able to get it work with a local file like this:

MediaPlayerXT.PlayStreamingFullscreenMovie(@“file://video_in_project_assets_folder.mp4”, true, MPMovieControlStyle.Fullscreen);

Given that this in not working what is the best way to play a local video file full screen? Is there a best practice or a preferred way to do this. I found the documentation to be a little light for the media player features of plugin. Any light that could be shed on this would be much appreciated.


The code looks fine. Please check if the file exists and paste the function an absolute path. Please refer to this link for how to get the absolute path of project files: http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/Manual/StreamingAssets.html