U3DXT problems using the Essentials features

I just purchased the iOS SDK Essentials asset bundle on the store but when I try to load any of the Essentials modules (such as Game Kit or iOS 7 features) the U3DXT watermark informs me that I am using the U3DXT Pro Sneak Peak features and that I need to buy the Pro version to use fully them.
Is there something that I need to enable?

Hi, U3DXT Essentials Edition comes with the following modules that you can use freely: Core, Core Extras, In-App Purchase, Social Networking, and Game Kit/7. The other modules belong to U3DXT Pro Edition, but we have packaged them in the Essentials Edition for you to try. If you don’t want to try the Pro modules, you can disable them in the menu item Assets->U3DXT->Options…, and deselect them, and the watermark will be gone.