U3DXT: ResetAchievements method not visible?

I am trying to access the ResetAchievements method documented [here][1], but it doesn’t seem to be available.

Here’s a screenshot of Monodevelop that explains it, I think:


As you can see: no ResetAchievements is listed.


what you can’t see is the definition of “achievement”. Here’s the code:

	GKAchievement achievement = new GKAchievement("test");

Thanks in advance if you can help.
[1]: http://u3dxt.com/api/html/M_U3DXT_iOS_Native_GameKit_GKAchievement_ResetAchievements.htm

Hi Ted, this is a static method. So, you can call it like this:

GKAchievement.ResetAchievements(delegate(NSError error) {
	if (error != null) {
		// handle error
	} else {
		// done