U3DXT SocialXT.Share yielding different results on different devices

On iPhone 5, everything in the activity sheet expected shows up, and everything works as expected.

On iPad 2, 3, and mini, only iOS Mail icon shows up on the top row (missing social applications), and when one presses mail, share is immediately completed with ShareCompletedEventArgs.completed = false, without going to mail message screen. The bottom row in the activity sheet – save image, assign to contacts, etc. work as expected.

I am sharing Texture2D.

Is there a known bug, or, what could have gone wrong?

Hi, you would need to have those services enabled on the device before they will show up. For example, to have the Twitter icon show up, you need to log in to Twitter on your device’s Settings app. The Mail shows up by default, but if you don’t have a mail account setup, it would have the same behavior as you described.