Ubuntu 16.04 No audio

Hello everyone,

I have recently installed Unity 5.6.0 on my Ubuntu OS and everything seemed to work okay, few minor bugs but nothing too big.

Now as I started working with the sound effects for my game, I realized there is no audio at all. When I open stats window, it shows audio level and it is actually changing but there is no sound. I tried to look in Ubuntu sound settings(kinda like windows mixer) and Unity is not even on the list of applications that produce or record audio.

I have looked up everywhere on google but there is no solution. I guess that majority of Unity users are using either Windows or Mac.

Don’t want to open a new topic.
I am queuing myself in as I have the same problem.
It worked fine with the previous unix release though…
Kind regards
(Sorry if you had your hopes high because some1 answered mate)