Ubuntu and Unity client running server

Hello guys, I was wondering, If ubuntu or any linux based OS can hold server for 30 - 50 people ? I mean, p2p connection, but I would like to use one player as main server, so others can connect to my server on ubuntu, is that real ?
p.s, of course with ~1024 mb ram, 2 cores cpu and 10 mbps internet connection, plus video 256-512 mb frequency

Do you mean running a single game session for 30 to 50 people all playing together?

Almost certainly not.

Unity networking is based on FPS type networking which is not intended for large groups. Such a “master game session” system typically tops out at around a dozen people due to basic n-squared communication issues.

Ah but one could multiplex a series of UBUNTU layers where there are multiple players per layer and the network nodes become the players above the session players. Make sense? Also the session players would be able to jump thru the network to other layers provided the destination layers has the open session. This way the game is a cube in a cube in a cube as far as the network and thru put is concerned.

Dynamic Virtual Multiplex.