Ubuntu linux, Headless mode ,Memory Leak!! why?

hi,I need some help .
I write a physicalServer used unity3d and run it on linux platform , and with “headless” mode, then the memory raise up to 3.5 GB quickly ! then I try run a noraml version without “headless”, 24h has past and the memory stay between 300MB — 350MB(no memory leak). So, who knows why the memory leak under “headless mode” ? how can I to improve ? thank you

Maybe there is shader or any graphycs on scene, whose causing memory leak ?

Two months passed… Have you solved the problem?

I’m just going to host unity server on ubuntu using “headless” mode, so that’s why im interested.

Removing all OnGUI() functions from the code solved this problem for me. Not only the inside of the function, remove the whole function. You can use the following method:

function OnGUI()

Then you have to define IS_DEDICATED in ProjectSettings>Player>Scripting Define Symbols.