UCE0001: ';' expected. Insert a semicolon at the end?

I’m trying to make a FPS. I followed the FPS Tutorial correctly. Now I have to make the missile explosion
. I copied and then pasted the unity’s scrip onto my JavaScript then I test the game and it says, ‘All compiler errors must be fixed before you can enter playmode!’
Then at the bottom of the window it says, ‘Assets/Weapons/Scripts/Missile.js(2,4): UCE0001: ‘;’ expected. Insert a semicolon at the end.’
I don’t know how to fix this. Can someone please help me?

Go to the script named “Missile.js”

Found at: “Assets/Weapons/Scripts/Missile.js”.

Look for row number 2.
At the end ( character No.4?) there should be a “;” to tell the compiler this is the end of a line of code.

Add ; at the location.

This should fix it.
Credits to Dreamblur.

var explosion : GameObject;
function OnCollisionEnter( collision : Collision )
 var contact : ContactPoint = collision.contacts[0];
 var rotation = Quaternion.FromToRotation( Vector3.up, contact.normal );
 var instantiatedExplosion : GameObject = Instantiate(
  explosion, contact.point, rotation );
 Destroy( gameObject );