UDP and Play Store + Apple Store?

is a doubt i have! UDP add suporte for other types of IAP to make it available to those other stores right?
if my have already have IAP using unity IAP and i add the package for UDP i need change anything to be able to sendo to those stores or since i already use IAP i just add suport to others in a click and just need configure on dashboard?

You just need to change the target store form Google Play to UDP. One more thing that needs to note is that UDP currently does not support subscription products, so you may also need to remove subscription products.

I'm having problems getting this to work. I have followed the steps outlined above, created an apk, and tested it using UDP sandbox. It seems to pass the tests (initializes and purchase is completed), but I don't get a dialog box when I touch the purchase button in the sandbox and I don't get the gems I'm supposed to get either. I used the same project that was submitted to Google Play (and worked there btw), and only changed the Target to UDP as above.

I've attached my logs if you can determine anything from there. Also I use GameFoundation to process the purchase result, but that should be the same anyway?
Thanks for any help you can provide.

6347319--705432--UDPPurchaseLog.txt (139 KB)

Hi metiscoda,

In UDP Sandbox, you won't see the purchase dialog/confirmation, but the callback methods are called. The method name are different from Unity IAP SDK and you need to implement it as well. Please refer to the documentation for more information.


Which callback are different? We are having the same issue with game released on IOS and Play store with working IAP purchases. Try to test it in UDP and we are getting through on the UDP side but nothing on the game side for unlocking what was purchased. Looking through the manual it talks about implementing HTTP. Or is that the part that needs to be implemented to get the successful purchase information.

The format of the receipt is different, what is the issue you are experiencing, and are there any device logs?

Our app is released to google play and ios with working IAP. We are not using codeless IAP. We switched to UDP and are able to log in correctly and make a purchase. But the handlers for a successful purchase are never called.

It looks like we're getting an invalid receipt
2020-10-12 21:10:14.140 32317-32317/? I/UnityDistPlatform: [UDP] Querying Inventory
2020-10-12 21:10:14.167 32317-32348/? I/Unity: Invalid receipt, not unlocking content
UnityEngine.Purchasing.<>c__DisplayClass8_0:<Purchase>b__0(Boolean, String)
2:Invoke(T1, T2)

(Filename: ./Runtime/Export/Debug/Debug.bindings.h Line: 35)
2020-10-12 21:10:14.202 32317-1527/? I/UnityDistPlatform: [UDP] [CreateOrderRunnable]Octopus Create Order Succeed.
2020-10-12 21:10:14.233 32317-1529/? I/UnityDistPlatform: [UDP] [UDP] onGetProductsSucceeded
2020-10-12 21:10:14.330 32317-1530/? I/UnityDistPlatform: [UDP] [UDP] onGetPurchaseSucceeded

Is there somethingthing different for the validator related to UDP in this case? Are you not supposed to use the validator for UDP purchases?

We were running into issues with restore with Google Play purchases with codeless so we switched back to what worked for our previous game. Using code from here https://answers.unity.com/questions/1515863/unity-codeless-iap-restore-google-play-purchase-no.html.

UDP doesn't support the IAP validator, so you may need to remove the validator.

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Okay, thanks for the quick replies.

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